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The Rolling Stones – Some Girls (Half-Speed Remastered on 180 Gram Vinyl)

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The Rolling Stones – Some Girls (Half-Speed Remastered on 180 Gram Vinyl)

Released on 9 June 1978 Some Girls is the 14th British (and 16th American) studio album by the Rolling Stones.

By 1976, the Rolling Stones’ popularity was in decline as the music industry was dominated by disco and newer rock bands. In addition, the punk rock movement was an emerging cultural force in the UK. Due to legal troubles surrounding guitarist Keith Richards, Mick Jagger is generally regarded as the principal creative force behind Some Girls, with him taking influence by dance music, most notably disco, during the sessions. With recording taking place at Pathé Marconi Studios in Paris, the sessions were highly productive, resulting in numerous outtakes that would appear on subsequent albums.

It was the first album to feature guitarist Ronnie Wood as a full-time member; Wood had contributed to some tracks on the band’s prior two albums, It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll (1974) and Black and Blue (1976). With a stable line-up in place for the first time in several years, the album marked a return to basics for the Rolling Stones and did not feature many guest musicians, unlike many of their prior albums.

Rebounding from the relative critical disappointment of Black and Blue, Some Girls was a major critical success, with many reviewers calling it a classic return to form for the band and their best album since 1972’s Exile on Main St.

This LP is remastered and cut at revelatory half-speed at Abbey Road Studios from vinyl specific original tape transfers designed to get the very best possible sound from the format. We have limited stocks – so if you want one, grab it quick!

Track Listing

Side 1

  1. Miss You
  2. When the Whip Comes Down
  3. Imagination
  4. Some Girls
  5. Lies

Side 2

  1. Far Away Eyes
  2. Respectable
  3. Before They Make Me Run
  4. Beast of Burden
  5. Shattered