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The Offspring - Raw & Down Under in 1995 (180g Vinyl)

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The Offspring - Raw & Down Under in 1995 (180g Vinyl)

Best of Perth FM Broadcast from The Refectory Perth on 23rd January 1995 and from the Central Hall in Sydney on 18th January 1995.

The Offspring is a band formed in 1984 by a couple of High School friends.They decided to form their own band after being denied access to a Social Distortion concert. The band’s big breakthrough came in 1994 with the help of MTV; Come Out And Play and Self Esteem became hits. The Offspring became one of the best selling punk-rock bands of all time. With over 40 million albums sold, over 10 released albums and more than a thousand shows, this band is part of the foundation of the genre!

Track Listing:

Side 1

1. GottaGet Away / So Alone

2. Come Out And Play

3. We Are One

4. Genocide

5. What Happened To You

6. Get It Right

7. Burn It Up

Side 2

1. Self Esteem

2. Kick Him When He’s Down

3. L.A.P.D.

4. Killboy Powerhead

5. Session

6. Smash

7. What Happened To You

8. Bad Habit


Label: Cult Legends

Release Date: 21 Apr 2023