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The Clash – Guns from Brixton (Limited Edition on Clear Vinyl)

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The Clash – Guns from Brixton (Limited Edition on Clear Vinyl)

Guns from Brixton is the legendary cable broadcast from the Capitol Theatre, Passaic, New Jersey, from 8 March 1980, featuring The Clash hard at work promoting the album London Calling. This raucous recording showcases the iconic Clash line-up of lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Joe Strummer, lead guitarist and vocalist Mick Jones, bassist Paul Simonon and drummer Nicky ‘Topper’ Headon.

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Track Listing

Side One

  1. Clash City Rockers
  2. Jimmy Jazz
  3. London Calling
  4. The Guns of Brixton
  5. Train in Vain
  6. Koka Kola / I Fought the Law
  7. Spanish Bombs

Side Two

  1. Police and Thieves
  2. Stay Free
  3. Julie’s Been Working for the Drug Squad
  4. Complete Control
  5. English Civil War
  6. Bank Robber