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Spitting Image - The Complete Tenth Series: DVD

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Spitting Image - The Complete Tenth Series

A milestone in television comedy, Spitting Image lifted satire to a new level through the 1980s and '90s. No target was safe from its gunsights: politicians of all persuasions, even the Royal Family and the Pope could find themselves up for a ribbing on any given programme. BAFTA-nominated many times, Spitting Image won a Bronze medal at the Montreux TV festival in 1984, firmly establishing its success for over a decade; this set features the combined vocal talents of Chris Barrie, Roger Blake, Steve Coogan, Hugh Dennis, Steve Nallon and Kate Robbins. This tenth series features the serialised story of The Making of Major; Dimbleby reports from the Gulf, while George Bush asks Stormin' Norman to make the situation in Iraq more complicated. Mick Jagger offers Kylie sartorial advice, the BBC tries to re-employ Tony Hancock, and Robert Runcie argues against David Icke being the son of God.