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Sonification – Echoes From The Void (On Neptune Blue Vinyl)

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Sonification are a collective of avant-garde musicians, writers and performers dedicated to creating a musical counterpoint to eerie the sounds of the planets.

The raw materials on which Sonification build their soundscapes are the radio and magnetic waves emitted by the planets as they process around the sun. These echoes from the solar system are transposed into the audio spectrum by the digital sonification process created by the scientists at NASA.

The album opens with Light Thickens – A voyage to Pluto and commences with the raw desolate sound of the digital sonifications of the radio waves emitted by Pluto as it charts its lonely path through the dimly lit icy fringes of the solar system.

Inspired by the haunting sound produced by the lonely dwarf planet, and Orson Welles as Macbeth, Sonification weave a soundtrack which represents a journey to Pluto - with the assistance of a gravitational slingshot from Mars. The last word goes to the unseen Plutonians who gather to discuss the arrival of the strange craft from earth.

Track two is entitled Infinitus – Space Hymn Number 5 and draws upon NASA’s digital sonifications of the sounds of Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter and Saturn set against a backdrop of echoes from Holst’s famous Planet Suite and fragments of The Tale Of Taliesin.