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Sinfӧnicca - Stormbringers: The Deep Purple Variations (CD)

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Sinfӧnicca - Stormbringers : The Deep Purple Variations (CD)

‘Stormbringers’ by Sinfӧnicca is a musical homage to the genius of Deep Purple

Deep Purple has been described as ‘music for show-offs’, however if you are blessed with musical talent on an industrial scale why not show off a bit?

After all, Jon Lord was a genius of the Hammond Organ and Ritchie Blackmore is Paganini and J.S Bach rolled into one.

Add to the mix a world class drummer, rock solid bass, three great vocalists and some legendary compositions, and you have the recipe for greatness.

If you love Deep Purple, there’s no point in going into the studio to create records which attempt to replicate what the various incarnations of Purple did the first time round.

This set of variations for group and orchestra is a celebration of Deep Purple which combines three complimentary genres of music: a heavy rock band, a full orchestra and medieval Gregorian chant.  Together these musical forces are combined under musical direction of Bob Carruthers to create powerful symphonic metal variations on the music of Deep Purple arranged for group and orchestra which transport the listener to an altogether different place in the musical universe. 

Bob’s long-term musical collaborators are Iron Tyger, the award-winning Sussex Rock band featuring the stunning female lead vocal of Roz Smith and the virtuoso talent of Jonny Smale on guitar. Sound production on the Sinfӧnicca albums is by Ben Darlow who learned his trade on albums such as ‘Roll The Bones’ by Rush and became the long-term engineer and collaborator with Mike Oldfield.

Track Listing:

1. Burn/Stormbringer

2. Highway Star

3. Soldier of Fortune

4. Space Trucking/Fireball

5. Orchestral Intermezzo – Lazy/Pictures of Home/Strange Kind of Woman

6. Black Night

7. Smoke on the water