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Ray Lowry - Rock Satirist: Limited Edition Book

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This is the first ever anthology of the music related cartoons of Ray Lowry, rock's own highly acclaimed artist and satirist. 
Every rock fan growing up in seventies Britain knows the work of the late great Ray Lowry. Ray was a highly talented artist with his own unique style. However, he is best remembered and loved as the man who captured the zeitgeist of the seventies. Ray recognised the schisms which developed among music fans with the arrival of punk and the new wave. The amazing body of work which resulted from his exploration of the divisions within the world of popular music were both funny and thought provoking. 
Ray Lowry was quickly snapped up by the Clash who dubbed him 'the Clash war artist'. Ray toured extensively with the band sketching, drawing and painting the scenes which captured the essence of life on the road with a cutting-edge band.
This fantastic sixty page anthology features some of the very best music-themed cartoons created by Lowry during his time as a cartoonist working for the NME and Private Eye. 
This is the perfect introduction to the world of Ray Lowry, rock artist and satirist par excellence.