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Metallica - Justice for All (Limited Edition Numbered 12-Inch Album on Aqua Vinyl)

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Metallica - Justice for All (Limited Edition Numbered 12-Inch Album on Aqua Vinyl)

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This powerful new limited edition album on blue vinyl features the greatest hits in concert from the legendary live to air broadcast from Woodstock in 1994. Metallica's set opened with their cover of Budgie’s Breadfan, then ensnared the masses with a pyrotechnic barrage of hits, including Master of Puppets and For Whom The Bell Tolls. Check out those legendary tracks amongst the unmissable performances on this release.

Lars Ulrich discussed the band's monumental appearance with MTV prior to hitting the stage: 'What was going on [for the original Woodstock] was the best contemporary bands for 1969. Now, we have the best contemporary bands for 1994. Music has evolved and society has evolved.'

Metallica certainly had evolved: from the garage days to an arena rocking giant, which burned through 15 songs in two hours during a monster set that featured machine-gun fire and flashpot bursts. Get the best of that unmissable live performance here on limited edition vinyl!

Limited to just 500 numbered copies.

Track Listing:

Side One

  1. Breadfan
  2. Master of Puppets
  3. Wherever I Roam
  4. Harvester of Sorrow

Side Two

  1. Fade to Black
  2. For Whom the Bell Tolls
  3. Seek & Destroy