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Meat Loaf - Guilty Pleasure Tour (12-Inch Double Album in Gatefold Sleeve)

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Meat Loaf - Guilty Pleasure Tour (12-Inch Double Album in Gatefold Sleeve)

Meat Loaf live in Sydney, Australia, October 2011, in support of his album Hell in a Handbasket. The tour only visited Australia and New Zealand; more dates were expected to be announced for mainland Europe and North America, but did not eventuate. Meat Loaf has said that the tour's name came from a poll, which named him the number one "guilty pleasure". During the concerts, Meat Loaf announced to his fans that these concerts would be the "last he ever performed in Australia and New Zealand" and added a thank you to the fans for "38 years of support" for the duration of his career.

The 11 concert sell out tour of Australia and New Zealand was an enormous success and this vinyl edition celebrates the global phenomenon that is Meat Loaf! Supported by his outstanding backing band, the Neverland Express; Meat Loaf - vocals, Patti Russo -vocals, Paul Crook - guitars, John Miceli - drums, Randy Flowers - vocals, guitars, David Luther - vocals, keyboard, saxophone, Danny Miranda - vocals, bass guitar, Justin Avery - vocals, keyboards, piano, Ginny Luke - vocals, keyboards, violin.

Track Listing:

Side 1

  1. Hot Patootie / Time Warp

  2. If It Ain’t Broke, Break It

  3. Bat Out Of Hell

Side 2

  1. Peace On Earth

  2. Los Angeloser

  3. You Took The Words

Side 3

  1. Standing In The Storm

  2. Anything For Love

Side 4

  1. Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad

  2. Beyond / All Revved Up


Label: Blue Day

Release Date: 2 June 2023