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Iron Tyger - Freebirds & Heroes (CD)

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Iron Tyger - Freebirds & Heroes (CD)

24th February 2024 marks the Second Anniversary of Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine.

The new Iron Tyger album ‘Freebirds and Heroes’ will be released on that infamous date to express our continuing support for our Ukrainian friends in exile.

We hope that this record will serve as a positive reminder of a continuing crime against humanity that is all too easily forgotten by those of us who enjoy the benefits of the free world.

To make this record possible Iron Tyger have teamed with Ukrainian exiles in Sussex, the Voitiuk Singers, the Volya Choir in exile, Sinfӧnicca and the London Symphonia to express our continuing support for our Ukrainian friends in exile in the UK.

Our sympathies are best summed up in the lyric for the lead single from the album; a rock version of You’ll Never Walk Alone sung in English and Ukrainian with a bit of extra help from the London Symphonia conducted by James Gambold.

We send our sincere thanks to all the musical guests who have joined us to make this album possible. The international dimension is marked by the contributions of Julia and Frederik from Sweden, Rene Shades from Denmark, Ben Payen from France and Dave Cowan from Scotland.

Most of all we send our love and best wishes to our real-life Heroes, our Ukrainian friends who have been forced into exile through having their peaceful lives and homes destroyed, but who have found the courage to use music as a panacea to soothe some of the heartache caused by Putin and his vicious and unnecessary war.

Thanks for your support as we once more shout out against Putin.

Track Listing:

1. Heroes

2. You'll Never Walk Alone

3. Freebird

4. Delilah

5. Layla

6. Doctor Doctor

7. Highway Star

8. All Right Now

9. Bountiful Day (Schedryk)

10. Give Peace A Chance

Check out the video to 'You'll Never Walk Alone':