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Genesis – Calling All Stations (CD)

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Genesis – Calling All Stations  (CD)

2007 Digital Remaster and Stereo Mix

This is the fifteenth and final studio album by Genesis which was recorded in 1997. Now available as a CD album, this release features the hit single Calling All Stations.

After long-time drummer and lead vocalist Phil Collins left the group in 1996, the remaining members - founding keyboardist Tony Banks and guitarist/bassist Mike Rutherford - decided to continue and write new music for an album. After a lengthy auditioning process throughout 1996, they chose Scottish singer Ray Wilson as Genesis's new lead singer whose darker vocals brought a new dimension to the late-Genesis sound.

Over the years this release has become a cult favourite with fans, and we feel this is an album which is well worth revisiting.

Track Listing:

1. Calling All Stations

2. Congo

3. Shipwrecked

4. Alien Afternoon

5. Not About Us

6. If That's What You Need

7. The Dividing Line

8. Uncertain Weather

9. Small Talk

10. There Must Be Some Other Way

11. One Man's Fool