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The Beatles – The Red Album Years 1962-1966 (Limited Edition Red Cassette)

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This is the powerful anthology of the Beatles during the halcyon years from 1962 to 1966 when they were still working as a cohesive unit; touring, recording and broadcasting live on air. 

Hot on the heels of the resurgence in the appeal of vinyl comes the return of the cassette! Featuring the very best of the Beatles from the years from 1962 to 1966, here is your ultimate anthology featuring the best of the Beatles in the studio, in concert and live on air.

Featuring: Love Me Do, Yesterday, Day Tripper, Help!, She Loves You plus many more!

This deluxe collector’s edition comes with a suite of amazing extras:

  • The Beatles - A Magical History Tour - Full Length E-Book
  • The Beatles – A Magical History Tour Documentary Film featuring the candid recollections of those who lived and worked with the Beatles including: Pete Best the original Beatles drummer; Allan Williams the Beatles first manager; Sid Bernstein promoter of the Shea Stadium concerts; Norman Smith the studio engineer who recorded the Beatles in Abbey Road; Tony Bramwell the ever-present Beatles roadie; Andy White the drummer chosen by George Martin to record Love Me Do; Tony Barrow writer of the Beatles record sleeve notes and Geoffrey Ellis Manager of Brain Epstein’s NEMS empire.


Track Listing

Side 1
1. Love Me Do
2. I Saw Her Standing There
3. Can't Buy Me Love
4. From Me To You
5. She Loves You 
6. All My Loving
7. Please Please Me
8. Twist And Shout
9. Things We Said Today
10. You Can't Do That
11. This Boy
12. Long Tall Sally

Side 2
1. A Hard Day's Night
2. I Feel Fine
3. Ticket To Ride
4. Yesterday
5. Help!
6. She's A Woman
7. Day Tripper
8. Nowhere Man
9. Paperback Writer
10. I'm Down

Side 1 - Track 1 - Original Version Ringo Starr on Drums, Track 2 - Abbey Road Takes  6 & 10 Track 3 - Festival Hall, Melbourne 17th June 1964 Track 4 - The Ed Sullivan Show - Deauville Hotel Miami, 17th June 1964 Tracks 5-6 The Ed Sullivan Show - Studio 50, New York, 9th Feb 1964 Track 7 - BBC Saturday Club 15th March 1963 Tracks 7-12 Festival Hall, Melbourne 17th June 1964 except Track 2  - Blackpool 19th July 1964

Side 2 - Tracks 1 - 5 - Blackpool 1st August 1965 except Track 1 - Blackpool 19th July 1964 Track 6 Abbey Road - Take 2, Tracks 7-9 - Budokan Hall, Tokyo 30th June 1966, Track 10 - Blackpool 1st August 1965