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Tom Waits - Unplugged Live at Folkscene Studios (180g Orange Vinyl)

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Tom Waits - Unplugged Live at Folkscene Studios (180g Orange Vinyl)

Recorded at Folkscene Studios, Los Angeles in 1974 with Tom Waits alone on guitar, piano and vocals. Includes ‘Better Off Without a Wife’, ‘The Ghosts of Saturday Night’ and ‘Drunk on the Moon’.

Track Listing:

Side 1

1. Better Off Without a Wife

2. The Ghosts of Saturday Night

3. (Looking For) the Heart of Saturday Night

4. Semi Suite

5. Drunk On the Moon

6. Diamonds On My Windshield

Side 2

1. Depot Depot

2. Foggy Night

3. San Diego Serenade

4. Rosie

5. Fumblin' With the Blues


Label: Second Records

Release Date: 28 Apr 2023