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Tangerine Dream - Alpha Centauri (2021 Reissue on 180g Clear Vinyl)

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Tangerine Dream - Alpha Centauri (2021 Reissue on 180g Clear Vinyl)

Released in March 1971, Alpha Centauri is the second major release and second studio album by Tangerine Dream.

The music on this album is quite different from Tangerine Dream’s first album Electronic Meditation, partly because of a heavier reliance on keyboards and electronic technology, although they still mostly remain in the background: the dominant instruments on the album are organ and flute. The other difference is that this album focuses on dark, spacey soundscapes as opposed to jam sessions. The shift in instrumentation resulted in an atmosphere dubbed by Edgar Froese himself as ‘kosmische musik’. Julian Cope’s Head Heritage wrote that the album ‘used the space rock template from [Pink Floyd’s] Saucerful of Secrets (and removed the rock)’.

Alpha Centauri sold 20,000 copies in their native Germany, nearly four times as many as their later classic Phaedra.

Track Listing

Side One

  1. Sunrise in the Third System
  2. Fly and Collision of Comas Sola
  3. Ultima Thule Part 1 (Single)

Side Two

  1. Alpha Centauri

Format: Vinyl / 12” Album Clear Vinyl

Label: Tiger Bay

Catalogue No: TB6065C

Barcode: 0889397108274

Release Date: 25 Jun 2021