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Pink Floyd For Orchestra - Meddle / The Wall 2-LP + Journal: Special Limited Edition Bundle

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Presented here as a special limited edition bundle, the music of Pink Floyd as you've never heard it before! Also included with this bundle is a special 36-page journal: Pink Floyd Behind the Wall - the no-holds barred inside story of the battle to get this legendary  album made and released.

Track Listings:


Limited Edition on Blue Vinyl 

Meddle is the latest addition to the Pink Floyd for orchestra series and has been revisited by renowned Pink Floyd arranger Richard Lawrence who has crafted a magnificent arrangement for chamber forces which cast new light on the power of Floyd but still allows the space for the individual instruments to shine through.

All of the classic tracks from Meddle are featured including Echoes, One Of These Days and a powerful version of Fearless, culminating in the whole orchestra joining in with gusto for the You'll Never Walk Alone refrain. The results are breath-taking in their sweep and majesty.

This is the ultimate testimony to the genius of Pink Floyd as composers. A must for every Floyd fan on the planet... get ready for some baroque 'n' roll!

Side 1

  1. Echoes

Side 2

  1. San Tropez
  2. One Of These Days
  3. A Pillow Of Wind
  4. Fearless


Limited Edition on White Vinyl

This stunning recording of Pink Floyd's classic album The Wall by the London Symphonia under the masterful direction of renowned conductor James Gambold has become a firm favourite with Floyd fans around the globe.

The Wall has been revisited by arranger Simon Marsh for Chamber forces and all of the classic tracks from The Wall are included, including Another Brick In The Wall, Run Like Hell, The Trial and the legendary Comfortably Numb. The results are breath-taking in their sweep and majesty.

This is the ultimate testimony to the genius of Pink Floyd.

Side 1

  1. In The Flesh
  2. Another Brick In The Wall Pt.III
  3. Mother
  4. Another Brick In The Wall Pt.II
  5. Young Lust
  6. One Of My Turns
  7. Another Brick In The Wall Pt.I
  8. Hey You

Side 2

  1. Comfortably Numb 2. Is There Anybody Out There

  2. Nobody Home
  3. Run Like Hell
  4. Waiting For The Worms
  5. The Trial
  6. Outside The Wall