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Metallica - 3-LP on Coloured Vinyl: Special Limited Edition Bundle Offer

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Metallica are renowned all over the world for fast heavy riffs, shuddering instrumentals, brash confident musicianship and superb song writing.

Presented here as a special limited edition bundle are three unmissable albums featuring some of Metallica's finest live performances from around the world. 

 SO WHAT???!!!: Limited Edition on Clear Vinyl

The 1994 Woodstock Festival featured mayhem, Metallica and a whole lot of mud - and this is the live record of their incredible performance at the US festival that defined the 1990s.

Metallica stormed through a blistering two-hour set, blasting out their greatest hits including Nothing Else Matters, Creeping Death, One, Enter Sandman, and of course, So What?  all of which are featured on this limited edition release.

Track Listing:

Side 1

  1. Nothing Else Matters
  2. Creeping Death
  3. Whiplash

Side 2

  1. Sad But True
  2. One
  3. Enter Sandman
  4. So What? 

 HARVESTERS OF SORROW: Limited Edition on Clear Vinyl

In 1991, at the behest of Mikhail Gorbachev, the Monsters of Rock Festival relocated to Tushino Airfield to the north of Moscow. Metallica, renowned all over the world for fast heavy riffs, shuddering instrumentals, brash confident musicianship and superb song writing, stunned the 1.5 million strong crowd. This powerful limited edition album on yellow vinyl features all the highlights from that legendary live-to-air broadcast from Moscow.

Side 1

  1. Enter Sandman
  2. Creeping Death
  3. Harvester of Sorrow

Side 2

  1. Fade to Black
  2. Sad But True
  3. Last Caress
  4. Am I Evil?
  5. Battery

 EXIT SANDMAN: Limited Edition on Sand Coloured Vinyl

This limited edition album on sand coloured vinyl features the greatest hits from Metallica's legendary live to air broadcasts between 1983 and 1996. Featured are live performances from The Grammys, the MTV Awards and the VMAs. Included in the classic tracks featured across these appearances are One, Seek and Destroy, and of course, Enter Sandman.

Side 1

  1. Last Caress/So What? (MTV Europe Music Awards 1996)
  2. Until It Sleeps (Video Music Awards 1996)
  3. Wherever I May Roam (American Music Awards 1993)
  4. Enter Sandman (Grammy Awards 1992)

Side 2

  1. One (Grammy Awards 1989)
  2. Seek And Destroy (The Metro 1983)
  3. Enter Sandman (MTV Awards 1991)