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Bowie - More Sounds + Visions on 10-Inch Silver Vinyl / Heroes In Concert on 10-Inch Red & White Vinyl: 4-LP Limited Edition Bundle

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This limited edition bundle includes two stunning 10-Inch double albums on coloured vinyl, both presented in a gatefold sleeve. 

Track Listings:

 More Sounds & Visions: Limited Edition on Silver Vinyl

Following the runaway success of Sounds + Visions on 10-Inch gold vinyl, there has been huge public demand for a second volume featuring the other Bowie hits which were performed on the Sound + Vision Tour.  This 10-Inch double album collector’s edition entitled More Sounds + Visions, is the outcome of the fans' passion for Bowie.

Featuring the very best of the performances from the Sound + Vision tour, this collector's edition is pressed on silver vinyl and beautifully presented in a double gatefold sleeve which opens to unveil the words of Bowie himself. 

Side A

  1. TVC15
  2. China Girl
  3. Be My Wife

Side B

  1. Stay
  2. Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide

Side C

  1. Blue Jean
  2. White Light, White Heat
  3. Station To Station

Side D

  1. Panic In Detroit
  2. Suffragette City
  3. The Jean Genie / Gloria 

 Heroes In Concert: 10-Inch Double Album on Red & White Vinyl

2nd Edition Only 1000 Numbered Copies!

In late 1976 Bowie moved away from drug infested L.A. to Berlin where he was able to live in relative anonymity. It was during this time that he recorded his self-titled triptych of Low, "Heroes" and Lodger.

In-between the recording of "Heroes" and Lodger Bowie embarked upon the Isolar II World Tour in 1978. This unique double album features the live broadcast of the last night of the Isolar II World Tour from the NHK Hall in Japan on 12 December 1978.

Hand-pressed on red & white vinyl, the pattern created on each disc is totally unique.*

Beautifully presented in a double gatefold sleeve, this deluxe edition also includes a full length Bowie e-Book.

    Side A

    1. Warszawa
    2. Heroes
    3. Fame

    Side B

    1. Beauty and the Beast
    2. Five Years
    3. Soul Love
    4. Star

    Side C

    1. Hang On to Yourself
    2. Ziggy Stardust
    3. Suffragette City
    4. TVC15

    Side D

    1. Station to Station 

    *All vinyl images are for illustration purposes only, the actual product may vary due to the process of hand-pressing which makes each vinyl unique!