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David Bowie – Even More Sounds + Visions (10-Inch Album Test Pressing)

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'Test pressings', often known as white label pressings, are copies produced from the masters by the pressing plants in tiny quantities of between ten and thirty copies. These test discs are then sent to the artists and record companies for approval before the main manufacturing is commenced.

These discs are very rare and much sought after by collectors as these are the working copies intended for the artists and label executives to check that the vinyl mastering process is true to the master tapes. The discs were not created for retail sale as part of a manufacturing run – they are genuine test pressings used at work in the industry.

David Bowie – Even More Sounds + Visions (10-Inch Album Test Pressing)

The third in the trilogy of 10-inch Bowie albums from Coda which completes the Bowie Sounds + Visions in-concert series.

The album was produced in response to popular demand and this single edition features the remaining tracks, including some rarities, which could not be fitted onto the previous two albums in the series. 

Track Listing:

Side A

  1. Golden Years
  2. Alabama Song
  3. John I'm Only Dancing
  4. Queen Bitch

Side B

  1. Fame - Fame 90
  2. Pretty Pink Rose
  3. Waiting For The Man