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Beatles - Live at Last (Limited Edition Collectable MiniDisc)

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Beatles - Live at Last (Limited Edition Collectable MiniDisc)

MiniDiscs are back with a bang! These are quickly becoming the ultimate collector's item for music fans. You can’t get any more retro than MiniDisc; they stopped making the players in 1992! Keep checking back on site to view more of our expanding retro range, including cassettes, MiniDiscs and more.

The Beatles - Live at Last

Limited Edition MiniDisc Collectible

Astonishingly, during their decade long career the Beatles did not produce an official live album. This glaring omission has left Beatles fans desperate to know what the band really sounded like in a live environment. This long awaited compilation provides a privileged glimpse into the world of the Beatles performing as a live act. The rare broadcasts featured in this compilation were highly unusual as there was no pre-recording and the performances went straight out onto the airwaves; as such they form a priceless record of the Beatles performing live.

Track Listing:

  1. From Me To You
  2. This Boy
  3. All My Loving
  4. I Want To Hold Your Hand
  5. She Loves You
  6. Till There Was You
  7. I Saw Her Standing There
  8. Can't Buy Me Love
  9. A Hard Day's Night
  10. Things We Said Today
  11. You Can't Do That
  12. If I Fell
  13. Long Tall Sally
  14. I'll Get You
  15. Twist And Shout

Tracks 1-5 - Ed Sullivan Show - Miami - 16th Feb '64
Tracks 6-7 - Ed Sullivan Show - New York - 9th Feb '64
Track 8 - Melbourne 17th June 1964
Track 9-13 Blackpool 16th February 1964
Track 14 - The London Palladium 13th October 1963
Track 15 - Philadelphia 2nd September 1964